How can I learn walkovers, cartwheels by myself?
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I wouldn’t recommend trying walkovers and cartwheels for the first time without someone guiding you, or else you could learn it incorrectly/injure yourself. With that being said, to prepare for walkovers, bridges are a good idea! First, warm up your legs and back well. Then try and get into a bridge from standing. (On something soft, like a mat!) then, once you have that, try getting up from the bridge to standing. For cartwheels, make sure your middle splits are adequately stretched. You can start by doing inclined cartwheels on a wall by kicking your feet up in a handstand(not flat against the wall!) and walking your feet on the wall until you get to the other side, and essentially, do a cartwheel with the help of the wall. This is a good starting point!

My lower back is flexible but my middle and upper back is really stiff. I tried the exercises you gave for upper back but I need something that'll stretch me more. (I'm a dancer so I need to be really flexible) What can I do?
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The exercises i gave (if i remember correctly) are pretty much the only exercises i find are helpful. It really depends on your natural flexibility, body type, and how frequent you stretch. Here’s the ones I do, i might have repeated some, sorry, i can’t remember:
1. Bridges on hand and elbows (trying to get your head as close to touching your lower back and bum.)
2. Chest stands; trying to touch feet to floor, eventually straightening legs.
3. In splits, grab back leg AND straighten (do left and right leg)
4. Needle/scorpion: practice grabbing leg, at first bent and pulling it as close to you as possible, then straightening it. First with one hand and eventually two.
*make sure to warm up your back really well before and bend forward (opposite to arching) after each exercise to prevent injuries!) oh also, flexibility takes a LONG time to achieve so be patient and keep stretching! (:

An anon asked me a question and I accidentally deleted it.. Oops.. Sorry! ): it’s the one about how long it took me to get to my degree of oversplits

I have hyperextended knees, I want to improve them (get more hyperextended) Are there exercises for it?
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If you already have hyper extended knees, it is probably not necessary to stretch them further, because you will be much more prone to knee injuries, especially as you get older. xx

What basic stuff without using the apparatuses would I need to know to join rhythmic gymnastics at 14 e.g splits.
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-bridges, splits and oversplits (left, right, middle)
-abs and back strength,
- at least some flexibility in your back/shoulders
-at least some arch in your feet(stretch them!) 
-walkovers(front and back), cartwheels, 
There are more but this is a start! :) 

Hi so im 14/15 and not flexible but want to join rhythmic gymnastics. would i be able to compete in competitions or would it be practically impossible?
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It would be possible! Probably precompetitive/recreational at first, then maybe provincial! Keep on stretching! :) 

Hi im 14 going on 15 and im not fat but not slim or skinny either and im not flexible .I love rhythmic gymnastics but is it too late to join?
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It’s never too late to join, but more just for fun! (: start stretching and find a local rg club!